Welcome to Angel’s Family Daycare

Angel Family Daycare located in Gaithersburg, Maryland where Farzin who is a mother and experienced teacher is taking care of your children with love and care they need for their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. We provide well balanced nutritious meals and snacks. We incorporate lots of fun and educational activities into their daily schedule that include art and craft, free play, music, dance, painting, coloring and various creative projects.


  • Provide a safe environment,
  • Offer fun and educational activities,
  • Strive to teach children kindness and to be respectful towards others.
  • Discipline children is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.
When a child is old enough to understand the rules and disobeys them by exhibiting inappropriate behavior (like: hitting) and hurt others, the following developmentally appropriate guidance will be used:
  • Redirect the child to another activity and given an opportunity to try again
  • Time out used as a last resort. The child is separated from the group for an age appropriate amount of time (one minute per one year of age) this provides an opportunity for the child to calm down and reflect before returning to group play.
This technique is only uses when a child repeatedly will not follow our directions or listen to our words.

Sick and absent policy

  • Full payment is expected if a child is absent due to being sick, or is absent during a regularly scheduled day.
  • Under no circumstance should the parent/guardian bring a sick child to day care if the illness could threaten the health of other children.
  • The Health Department’s regulations concerning periods of infection must be followed.
  • The child must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to day care. If a child develops a sickness while at day care, the parent/guardian must make immediate arrangement to pick up the child after notification from provider.

Hours of operation and guidelines

We are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.
Day care will be closed for Federal and State Holidays.
Vacation for provider will be two weeks in summer with one month notice to parents/guardians.
Two weeks advance notice is required for withdrawing your child.